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Name: Danielle Leong [Kuromi]


Age: 23


Height: 168cm


Vital Stats: 32B / 24 / 33


Occupation: Full Time Model


VW: Is this your first ever car modeling shoot?

Danielle: Nope, Ií»ve actually been in the car modeling industry for about 4yrs. So this is definitely not something new to me.


VW: What else do you do when you are not modeling?

Danielle: Basically nothing, other then msn-ing blogging, watching Japanese dramas, occasional shopping splurges... hehehe...


VW: How do you chill out during your weekends?

Danielle: Weekends are usually burnt, cause there're lotsa events held during weekends. Otherwise I'll be home or at least away from the crowd...


VW: Obviously you are in great shape, do you work out regularly?

Danielle: Hmm... pretty regularly... but no... not in the gym... not in the pool... neither do I jog... guess is my trade secret...


VW: Any dating advice for guys who would like to meet someone like you?

Danielle: Just be yourself... I hate posers...


VW: Last pickup line used on you?

Danielle: "Hi, I'm from the media, mind if I get your contact?"


VW: Your best asset?

Danielle: Wow... I don't know what's best... I guess it's a perfect package. Personally, I love every single part of me... *winkz*


VW: What would you wear to feel most sexy?

Danielle: I love corsets and garters... and cosplaying... makes me feel really sexy.


VW: Favourite movie?

Danielle: Tristan & Isolde, the star-crossed lovers...


VW: Favourite music?

Danielle: There's a lot to name... I love rock ballads... but my all time favourite. "I for You"... by Lunasea


VW: Favourite ride?

Danielle: Volvo S40


VW: Lastly, what was the most kinkiest thing you did?

Danielle: You're never gonna believe, it's for your imagination to run wild... *winkz*















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