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Team GPS

VW: How it started?

GPS: The reason for setting up this club is for all car lovers & like minded people to come together to share with each other their experiences which can be modification, autostyling, ICE setup or just simple good deals at reliable workshops.


VW: When it started?

GPS: Team Genji Perfect Speed aka GPS was set-up in 15th Nov 2008 by Mark, Mork & Edwin.


VW: How many strong?

GPS: At present we have about 53 members.


VW: Makes and models?

GPS: We have a good mixture of cars in our team ranging from Civics, WRXs, Lancer, Swift, Fits and so on. We accept all car makes and models.


VW: Performance or autostyling?

GPS: Our team members are in both category.


VW: Track days?

GPS: We will be sure to organize one in the future for all our members in PG.


VW: Hang out places?

GPS: We don¡¯t have a fixed hang out place sometimes in Kallang Leisure car park or in Orchard. Occasionally, we will organize rounding around Singapore, road-trip to Malaysia or dinner gathering sessions.


VW: Practice road safety?

GPS: We are normally on the move that is why ¡°Road Safety¡± is always on our team¡¯s top priority list.




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